5 Uses For Archives

The Storage of Data in the Cloud.

Data that is not well structured is mostly inactive and has low quality. A lot of storage space is used way past the allocated budget, there is increased risk of the company information and challenges arises when creating data backups. Hubstor is the most suitable for simplifying cloud archiving with ease. Below are some of the pros that are achieved when using Hubstor as a cloud archiving tool.

low storage and reduced backup costs.
The set procedures allows businesses to move low-quality and unreliable data from costly storage to a low-cost cloud archives. It occurs without users activities being tampered with therefore benefiting the company in a lot of ways like monies that would have been used to such is used in other ways in the company and freeing of space in the available storage facilities.

protection of data.
Data that is stored in the cloud is free from attack by malware unlike the ones in the primary storage. Malware attacks on data in the cloud is minimal unlike that in the physical storage. Secured is the information in the cloud unlike on storage facilities that are available in the organization.Hubstor provides protection against malicious damage to the organization’s data. Authorized persons are given protected access to keep off malicious users. Those allowed users have secure access to keep off malicious users. Thus in case of a data loss it can be swiftly regained.

Accessing, Sharing and Searching Is Simple.
lots of cloud storage approaches have a problem in carrying over permissions from source file system providing limited user experience.HubStor delivers secure cloud archival with ongoing and complete security synchronization so that identity and access in the cloud are seamless without you having to worry about it. authorized persons to access their information and can at will allow other users to do searches against their stored data as well as securely share items and folders internally and externally.

flowing data processing.
Data is well preserved in the cloud when using Hubstor making it easier and providing users with permissions to access and manage retention, performing audits and analysis of rights to access and execute data for early discovery.

Archiving Satisfaction Is Fully Achieved.
Hubstor takes out the high-cost and complexity of compliance archiving by giving you power to easily meet the compliance needs of businesses that require compliance for storage, retention auditing and discovery of data.

Simplifying content indexing and search. Searching and indexing of content is simplified.
It is costly, time consuming and not necessary to move an entire archive, one might get more for less by using cloud.Therefore we scale search up and down as we need, but we can also freeze search when not using it to lower the cost. With hubstor there is control of scope of content indexing with policies. Hubstor is therefore one of the best cloud archive tool

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