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Auction Website Creation Software

There are many kinds of software available for managing bids, and also ebay settings, in this post we will being going over a particular software script that enables you to create your own online auction website where you are the site owner so you get to choose your fees and keep commission on items sold etc.

How To Create An Online Auction Website

For this example we will looking at Scriptsoft Auction Software

Scriptsoft auction offers an all in one solution where you pay a monthly fee for hosting, the auction software is installed and set up for you using your own domain name so all you have to do is log in to the admin panel provided and make the settings you want to see on your website.

The installation and set up (done by the company) takes less than 48 hours from start to finish, so you can be live with your very own auction site within 1 day or 2 of placing your order, which is great, no complicated installation of databases to be created, so even the least technical of can be up an running without the headache of MSQL errors FTP issues and file permissions.

The auction software it self runs on a php scripts, as the site owner you log into your admin panel to make change changes to your sites appearance, user management and other settings. Branding and customizing the auction site to your own business is easy with the option to upload your own logo image, front pages slider images and also create custom pages. Also as well as having two auction themes to choose from (which are both fully responsive) there is also the option to change the colors and layout of the pages so really it is like having many more than just two skins or themes because there are unlimited combinations of background color, title bar color, images and buttons and link colors you can create.

This particular auction software comes with all of the functions and features you would expect from an auction script (too many to list here) a few functions that other scripts that we have tested do not have but Scriptsof does include:

  • cookies policy warning enable/disable (in line with European directive)
  • charity donation and roundup options when checking out or paying for items
  • bitcoin integration as well as payapal and other major payment options
  • google translate enable disable as well as full editable language files
  • image enlarger scroll instead of just a larger lightbox image (like amazon and ebay now have)
  • enable disable and create new menu buttons
  • edit all currency, country, and language tables (being able to edit the language table is not only good for translation to other language but means you can change the spelling or wording on any part of the website to whatever you want.

Once you have gone through the admin panel and made all the settings choices once, the software will run on auto-pilot sending out emails, managing bids, fees and invoices invisibly in the background, leaving you free to check contact emails and check your profits. There are plenty of user management and auction management options should you wish to take control and over-ride the auto-pilot, and the software also has tax settings and some accounting options.

Another great thing about Scriptsoft Auction is that unlike some other companies who will sell you a script and offer little or no support or offer 12 months support, Scriptsoft has unlimited free lifetime support for users and also has an extensive video ‘how to’ library which walks you through the whole thing. The support system has an online ticketing system and we found that tickets were answered within 24 hrs every time and usually sooner.

Anyone looking to set up their own auction website should take a look at this software, at the time of writing there is also a $1 thirty day trial available so you can test drive the auction software for yourself and see if it comes up to par for your needs without having to spend a fortune up front. Tere is also an option to purchase the software outright and host on your own servers should you wish too, but the fully set up and hosted software solutions is perfect for most people and does not require a huge starting budget. For those interested in learning more about this software or trying it out visit the official website at