If you have an online store, your prior task is, of course, to sell as many products as possible. In other words, any merchandiser wants to boost the sales rate because it’s the main idea of the business — earning money. There are a lot of different ways you can do it, so it’s kinda complicated to take all of them into consideration. Meanwhile, all methods have different impacts. Therefore, we decided to gather some of the most efficient and interesting tips here. This article includes all the necessary information to start developing your business and increasing your sales right now!

The best methods and tips for boosting your sales

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If everything is going well and you anticipate additional sales in the coming months, keep up the excellent work and go on to the next portion of the article. However, if your sales are declining and you need a boost, consider the following factors: 

  • Up-sell and cross-sell are ignored: Up-sell and cross-sell might bring you more sales than you think, therefore neglecting them is a significant mistake.
  • No driving required for repeat purchases: Only focusing on attracting new customers might be the source of this problem, as it is far more expensive and time-intensive than looking after existing customers.
  • Lack of trust and motivation: People may have reservations about your product’s quality, especially if you’re new to the market or it’s just been published.
  • Site performance is poor: Lack of content, bad design, sluggish loading speed, and other factors might be affecting your sales.
  • Consumers are not being communicated with on a regular basis: Building a strong connection with your customers takes time, so think about how you’re connecting with them.

Now, let’s look at several techniques to solve it that we suggest you should try:


The first method is also the most often used, and Amazon has used it well in its efforts. The goal of product suggestions is to add to clients’ shopping carts by exposing them to relevant items. It comes in handy when it comes to up-selling and cross-selling methods.


Customers’ needs and desires might be reawakened by appropriately educating them. But how can you provide suggestions that benefit both your consumers and your business strategy? Some of your best-selling items may have nothing to do with the wants of your clients or are not sufficiently triggered to encourage them to purchase more.


The Automatic Related Products by Mirasvit will help you show items that are connected based on shared qualities or prior configuration, promote suggestions, and tell customers about the most lucrative offers in your shop.


  • Only relevant recommendations will be shown: Don’t go overboard with useless advice, otherwise, your comments will lose their credibility.
  • Only show a small number of suggestions: I’d think 5 to 10 is a good number, and too many can be confusing.

Loyalty programs

It is a proven truth that devoted consumers spend more at a shop. According to studies, 60 percent of loyal clients are more likely to purchase from their chosen businesses on a regular basis. As a result, running loyalty programs that help retain clients is one of the most successful ways to enhance sales.


It’s difficult to make your reward program stand out in such a crowded market when every firm wants to build its own loyalty program. Furthermore, if you are not tech-savvy, creating a loyalty campaign necessitates setting up a reward administration system, which is difficult and time-consuming.


Create a loyalty program with the Reward Points extension, where users may join and receive unique benefits as a result of their participation. Using this module, create a point accumulation system where consumers may actively earn and spend loyalty points, as well as segment customers depending on their achievements.


Creating a loyalty program necessitates ongoing study in order to make required modifications as well as breakthrough improvements to make it stand out:

  • Construct communities: What better way to maintain your customers than to create a community in which you and your customers regularly interact?
  • Apply tier bonuses: Tiers might be the objectives they must meet, therefore it’s important to keep people motivated for a long time.
  • Surprising gifts: These unexpected incentives add to the excitement and make a lasting impact.

No abandoned carts

Recovering abandoned carts may significantly boost your revenue. There are a variety of reasons why your customers may abandon their carts, so figuring out what they’re thinking is a good place to start.


Of fact, reclaiming abandoned carts necessitates the use of various strategies at the same time. The major purpose, though, is to remind consumers of their abandoned carts and make it simpler for them to return.


Use the Follow-Up Email add-on to keep your customers aware of such important events. Set up the module to communicate with your customers and establish a good relationship. 


  • Send several email reminders: To convert more clients, use email chains, but keep the frequency low to prevent annoying them.
  • Include the opportunity to share your wishlist: Allowing consumers to share their wish lists is a terrific way to reach out to new customers.
  • Make use of popups: Allow pop-ups to display when clients interact with their wish lists in any way.

Keep customers engaged

Long-term sales may also be boosted by reminding clients of your brand and cultivating a close relationship with them. To reach buyers, brands are utilizing all available platforms, including social media. Furthermore, buyers are more likely to trust companies if they see social proof, therefore user-generated material should be utilized.


Customers may be unable to do additional operations such as commenting, sharing, or rating a product. As a result, motivating individuals to spend time connecting with your business and providing relevant content is a difficult task.


Customers should be encouraged to follow your social media profiles and to share their experiences. Also, request that customers submit reviews on any things they buy from your site.


  • Provide incentives: Small incentives might be offered, such as bonus points, free gifts, early access to new items, and so on.
  • Include information about rates in the search results: When visitors search for items, the ratings of such products should also appear in the search results.
  • Respond to your client’s needs: Don’t just let the conversation go in one direction; attempt to respond to their comments as well. Search engines also recognize it as a unique material.

Sales Promotions

If the goods and displays aren’t working, you’ll need to provide buyers with additional incentives to make a decision. In reality, the bulk of clients are always looking for fantastic prices, which they may get by utilizing coupons or discount codes. You may run a variety of sales promotion campaigns, including discounts, deals, coupons, and free delivery offers.


If you want your campaigns to be successful, you must make the advertising engaging and simple to comprehend. Another issue is that customers sometimes combine many incentives in a single transaction, necessitating store preparation for complicated promotions and precise real-time calculations.


Use various modules to motivate your customers, such as Shipping Rules or Reward Points: offer customers exclusive promotions that appear wherever you want them to, treat your loyal customers on special occasions, encourage bulk buying and cart expansion, and offer free delivery service displayed in an eye-catching bar.


  • Make use of your best-sellers or most recent items: Create special offers on these goods to attract clients and enhance conversion rates.
  • Limit the number of people who are available: Scarcity is always a good string to pull because it forces people to make quick decisions.
  • Consider the following campaigns: For improved management and future plan development, do A/B testing or review previous findings. At particular times, some traditional promotions may or may not work for your store.

Hurry up them

People sometimes place products in their shopping carts and even go through the checkout process without finishing it. It’s possible that it’s because they don’t feel compelled to buy straight quickly. However, studies demonstrate that people are generally more concerned with what they could lose than with what they might gain. So, why not take advantage of their sense of being left out while their classmates have fun? Showing children how serious the problem is and how others are responding are two strategies we’d like to discuss.


Because the necessity of this strategy is addressing as many people as possible, you must ensure that the message is easily seen. It’s also vital to inform them about what others are doing.


Customers’ habits when it comes to keeping up with their peers are triggered by the time pressure of limited offers and recent sales announcements.


  • Don’t go overboard: customers will feel as though they aren’t losing out on anything because other opportunities may present themselves later.
  • Make use of catchy terms: use terms like “Last Chance!” or “Hurry Up,” and other similar phrases to catch shoppers’ attention.
  • For vital information, use bold colors: bright hues like red, orange, and yellow.

Sell more with detailed in-store statistics

It is totally feasible to get more income by intently receiving the detailed in-store statistics. A Magento Google Tag Manager extension makes it absolutely real for any Magento store. When introduced in your store this module can gather every one of the pieces of data your store can create and it, at that point, sends the information to the analytic service, for instance, Google Analytics. This way you can see patterns of your store, spot the problematic places and see the components that require improvement.


It’s obvious that boosting sales is not a difficult task with the help of special Magento 2 extensions you can find on the internet. We believe that Magento is one of the best solutions because this company provides all the necessary tools and features to solve your problems easily.