Magento product feeds

Promotion is an integral part of any business. Especially, if we are talking about selling goods. Without proper promotion, you will not have enough customers to expand your business and become even more successful. Your profit depends on your popularity and the quality of your services. Thus, you must realize how essential it is to show what you are selling to as many people as it’s possible. Luckily for you, eCommerce is the best niche for this task because the internet allows you to connect with people from all over the world. The only question is how to do it maximum efficiently? The problem is that you have to create special lists of your products that contain prices and all the necessary information and upload them to websites where people can view them — on your own! This is pretty complicated and exhausting.

We offer you a great way out of your problems — a special module that automates the whole process of creating and uploading product feeds. Moreover, it makes these feeds much more detailed and convenient to view. With this tool, you will have no issues, promoting your goods. In addition to this, you will have more free time to pay attention to other aspects of your online business.  Are you ready to learn how to earn more money?  

Simple start and pre-made patterns

Nothing can make a successful start without any technical difficulties when it comes to purchasing products. This module includes a number of pre-made templates that will allow you to begin developing your sales activities as soon as you install them. These templates are simple to modify, so you may make whatever changes you want to fit your current requirements. You can only promote your products on all of the major marketplaces by simply enabling the necessary settings. You don’t even have to start something on your own if you’re not looking for something unique.


You may acquire pre-made patterns, which are just unique shortcodes, before changing feeds to fit your needs. The two sorts of call/editing codes available are attributes and value. A variety of approaches, including PHP functions and attribute codes, may be used to change these patterns.

Patterns can be utilized in a variety of ways, such as returning the value of the parent product or exporting fundamental things. Variables can also be modified using patterns. Other examples include: forcing search engines to display a multiplied price for particular goods if necessary; applying shipping regulations based on price; tracking inventory counts, and so on.

Following your pick of the symbol, a menu will display, allowing you to select from a number of templates. You may use the preview to see how your feed will look to make it sleek, bright, and friendly. It’s also advantageous.

Among the customization possibilities are:

  • Attributes. Consumers may tolerate a lot as a result of the creation and adjustment of current features. Make a list of all the dynamic automation parameters you intend to utilize. Set a specific delivery fee, for example, for specific brands. In many cases, this is quite useful.
  • Variables. PHP may be used to quickly set variables to meet your present needs. To provide you with adequate depth and information, you must first understand what you want by evaluating your food: cost, the number of goods in stock, and so on. The feeds may need to be updated due to changes in automatic dynamic variables.
  • Categories. It is critical to show your feeds to the appropriate audiences. In other words, parents should exhibit their children’s possessions. Because it is well known that the conversion rate has been chosen. You just choose from a number of options, and your items are classified accordingly. This ensures that your feed is sent to the correct location.

Features and working principles

feed information

As you already know, there is nothing complicated in using this add-on. Besides, you can start using it right after installation. But how exactly does it work? What features are hidden inside? You have to know all this information to make sure you realize the real potential of the tool and you know why you need it. So, let’s just look through all the important elements. 

Improved filtering system

The main function of this add-on is filtering. To put it another way, there are numerous viable choices. Consider all of the parameters of the available items and choose one to be utilized as a filter. Consider the many filtering options available. You can choose products to advertise in a certain market by selecting items from the feed. With this freedom, you may create the firm of your dreams. Filtration is required to deliver the most important features. That is what most people are concerned about. The value of the parent product can be used in a variety of ways, including return. Stock numbers and other criteria may be used to maintain track of things.

Unlimited options

This is fantastic because none of the feed fields are restricted. With the menu, every field can be quickly changed. If you wish to make a direct change, change the field code. If you’re not sure how the stream will look, utilize the Preview option.

Automated operation

Getting the help of an expert is the greatest approach to make any work easier. This is exactly what the add-on provides. It is a time-saving and convenient feature to run automatically. In this field, you have the following options:

  • The upload operation is carried out automatically. Product feeds in Magento no longer need to be manually uploaded because this module can handle them. You can create schedules if you need to deliver feed on a regular basis. After you’ve finished, double-click the link to ensure everything is in order.
  • Updates. To avoid misleading potential consumers, it is critical that your feeds provide only true information. This plugin offers a variety of options for keeping your information up to date. As you are aware, timetables will be beneficial to you. As a consequence, you won’t have to change your feed because the extension understands what you’re attempting to do.

Simple, convenient, and quick access

Simple, convenient

Keep track of your feeds, look for unique URLs, and gather information for each. Using this useful tool, you can monitor your feeds and double-check the information from specified online sources. The file format is determined by the service.

Informative notifications

After you finish the feeds, the Magento product feeds extension sends you an e-mail. This helps you to concentrate on the issues that are most essential to you right now. On the History page, you can view your feeds. The complete list of modifications may be seen here. Everyone has the ability to change. This function ensures that nothing critical is overlooked.

Powerful analytic tool for better management

Don’t overlook anything vital. For a limited time, the tool may give you information on any of your feeds. Examine your feed rates, for example, and see what you can do to increase output. Because of the basic simplicity of the design, it is simple to follow your product streams. Using the filtering method, keep a watch on the information in question. Choose the settings that you wish to utilize. You may also modify the appearance of the presentation. It might be as simple as a pie chart or histograms to help you organize data to your preference. If you want to make things easier, you can utilize Google Analytics to offer feeds. This allows you to track the data and change the UTM parameters at any moment.


Having an online store is a great idea but it also requires a lot of resources to earn money and improve your enterprise. The productivity of your store depends on many various factors, and it’s not a simple task to take care of all of them. And there is nothing wrong or bad about searching for some easier and more convenient methods to achieve success. Magento is a great platform with a wide range of possibilities, and it’s a great decision to install additional modules like the Magento 2 RSS feeds extension to facilitate your work. With the help of this module, you will increase your sales multiple times and make your feeds better. This is the solution that saves you a lot of time, money, and nerves. Besides, Mirasvit offers awesome conditions that will be interesting to any user. So hurry up and install this add-on if you want to know how is it —  to be a successful person.