Automatic Related Products

All vendors are constantly looking for new methods to boost sales and expand their businesses. However, forcing them to buy more isn’t enough; you also have to make them pleased about it. What is the best way to accomplish this? We have a fantastic solution that will please both parties! The argument is that individuals may not always know exactly what they require since they are unaware of such requirements. And it’s your job to inform them about products that they could find beneficial. When a consumer purchases anything in your store, it’s a good idea to show him or her what else could be a suitable match. As a result, a bargain like this benefits both of you: someone gets something they need, and you receive more experience. Isn’t it fantastic?

And, while you’re thinking about prospective prospects, we’d like to introduce you to a plugin that can really do this work. Simply install a little Magento 2 add-on to rest certain that your clients will have all they require. There’s no fussy setup, no compatibility concerns, just sheer enjoyment of usage. Do you want to learn more?

Capabilities of the plugin

As previously said, this tool will entice your consumers to purchase more items, resulting in more earnings for you, which is critical for any organization. Magento’s basic features are insufficient to meet the demands of most users. Furthermore, everything must be set up by hand. It’s tough to include similar items and maintain them up to date on your own. It also irritates you, making it harder for you to concentrate on more pressing matters. If you have a large catalog, this may take hours, which is unacceptable.

The add-on ensures that your website runs smoothly and without errors by handling everything for you: cross-linking relevant products, purchasing them, and evaluating them. The study considers the number of views, clicks, and orders as well as overall income.

Here is what you get from using this plugin:

  • Revenues were boosted by cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Customization improves conversion rates.
  • All resources are utilized to their full potential, and clients are kept engaged.
  • Actual statistics are available for review.

The most important nuances you need to know


In the world of eCommerce, related items are nothing new. To appreciate the functioning concepts of this module and the possible benefits of employing it, you must first understand what we’re talking about. That’s why we’ve made the decision to collect as much information as possible on add-ons and suggestion systems in general.

Innovative algorithms

As you may be aware, the world nowadays is highly fast-paced, and people are prone to hurrying anywhere, at any time. That is, they do not focus on the same item for an extended period of time. We must also keep our loyal clients interested in order to avoid losing them and enhance revenue. This implies you only have one chance to produce the best possible product. Fortunately, the extension we’re working on right now can figure out which related item is appropriate for each query. It also has choices for creating adaptable supply algorithms, so you may get real Magento automated connected items without any difficulties or special understanding. Look at the following customize possibilities:

  • The actions of other consumers. Algorithms can be tweaked based on what consumers buy or view with a particular product.
  • Purchases made before. This links the currently chosen and previously selected items together.
  • A product’s filtering rules.
  • The product’s sorting rule



Without a solid analytics basis, nothing is possible. This is how you’ll be able to see current issues, forecast new ones, and have a better understanding of the company. Fortunately, the Related Products extension for Magento 2 gives you all the information you need to understand the current situation. Customers’ reactions to your proposition, as well as their behavior and other data, are displayed in this section. All of this information might be valuable in fine-tuning the add-on to get the greatest results.

Related Products Block

If you’re running an online store using Magento, you’ll require a specific block with related products. To put it another way, a group of products should be purchased at the same time. When a customer visits a product page, for example, he or she will see such a block.

Giving relevant goods to your customers is important if you want them to buy more, which will increase your sales.

Make sure the suggested product complements the chosen item well enough to avoid scaring consumers away with irrelevant alternatives. When a company attempts to offer you something you don’t need, it’s not good. When you have reliable, tailored answers, on the other hand, it looks to be a lot of fun.

related products on the orders history page

Where can I get comparable items? Assemble the block with all of the required components so that it may be shown wherever.

  • A product page — a web page that contains information about a specific product.
  • A page dedicated to a specific topic.
  • The shopping cart
  • Customer’s page.


In addition to the technical side and operating principles, you need to be mindful of different social variables such as price. As a result, this fantastic add-on is inexpensive. Allow us to explain why, despite what appears to be a hefty price, we believe this is a fantastic value. To begin, the community edition is affordable, which is correct. When you click the purchase button, you get more than just the module. Free 90 days of excellent support, as well as free lifetime updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee, are included. Furthermore, the product’s quality is satisfactory, and all relevant manuals and paperwork will be provided.



Q: Why Related Products are important?

A: First and foremost, this module assists you in increasing your earnings. Furthermore, effective ideas have an impact on client loyalty, which is critical for both keeping and recruiting new consumers. This is everything you’ll need to boost your company’s productivity and become a market leader.

Q: Is block caching used by this addon to ensure that blocks aren’t completely loaded on each block view?

This plugin utilizes indexes for general rules and then applies a filter to the current product depending on the indexes. The block creation time for shops with tens of thousands of goods in their catalog is rapid even without a cache. Certain items are still available in the cache. The block output is provided from the cache rather than being reprocessed each time it is seen in this case.

Q: Is there any way to try the product?

A: Sure! You may test out a fantastic demo located on the official website. This is an excellent approach to comprehend why you require this product and why it is regarded as useful.

Q: Does it work with GraphQI?

A: Yes, this language is completely compatible with it. This solution, however, requires the installation of another extension. You won’t have any issues because the add-on is free to download. This is also something that the support crew is always willing to assist you with.

Q: Does default Magento include related products?

A: Yes, Magento’s default feature provides buyers with comparable item alternatives in order to increase sales. According to the reasoning, they are inefficient and take a long time to complete. This isn’t going to make you a lot of money. As a consequence, if you want to achieve your objectives and establish a profitable online business, you should use this add-on.


This Related Products extension for Magento does a basic but crucial task that has a significant influence on your business. It’s remarkable how a seemingly little factor may have such a large impact on overall productivity and profitability. We understand that you may not think this extension is noteworthy in comparison to others on the market because it appears to be lacking in functionality. We can tell you, however, that this is not the case. You can assure a profit tomorrow by investing a modest amount of money today. People spend more money on related products than they do on the ones they are meant to buy. If you’re a seller searching for new and exciting ways to expand your business, this plugin is a must-try. Don’t squander your time and money on tasks that can be done by someone or something else!