Many years ago, you had to put in a lot of work until you eventually found what you needed. Today, we can all use the internet to look for information, which is incredibly handy. Furthermore, it is a significant educational benefit. However, the more data we have, the better search engine we will require. Because algorithms should filter data to remove irrelevant results that don’t fit your request, conceal offensive information, and so on. Otherwise, it would take far too long to locate what you want. You must grasp the relevance of the search feature if you operate an online store because you are similar to a search engine but focused on different items. Your consumers want to enjoy using the search engine so they can find items quickly and easily. There are several methods to enhance this function, but none of them are straightforward if you attempt to solve it on your own.

That’s why we recommend using the Mirasvit plugin to take care of it. This helper is an expert at searching and can present you with the most relevant results. It’s also really simple to use! So, if you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to grow your business, let’s take a deeper look at the possibilities and operating principles.

The main aim of the module and how it works

What is the purpose of this add-on? It deals with, as you may be aware, a search function that is more powerful and convenient. If you are worried about the module’s structure and principles, however, it is much easier to go through each feature and evaluate the module’s true potential and capabilities on your own. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of this extension? Elasticsearch offers a wide range of applications. Let’s go through each feature one by one to be sure you’re on the right track.

Because it analyzes all searches and provides customers with intriguing options, this application knows precisely what you want. Something legible on the first page should always be presented to persuade customers to continue. After making a specific request, you may also change the position of other components on the page.

Morphology is another essential factor to consider. People may make mistakes that do not lead to any inquiry consequences, which is sad. That is unacceptably dangerous. The plugin employs sophisticated techniques to produce morphologically appropriate search results that are comparable. Let’s have a look at the many search options this module provides.

Smart algorithms for suggestions

For whatever reason, you may not have the essential products in stock at any given moment. The module, in particular, provides the most comparable results currently accessible to avoid upsetting buyers seeking this item.

Popular search requests

Popular search requests

Not all customers know what they want, so your task is to guide them to the right product. One of the ways to make customers realize what they are searching for is to show them popular requests so that they can see related purchases that are trendy today.

Multi-language system

It doesn’t matter what language you speak because this add-on allows users to choose any language from the special menu. That makes your website convenient to use for anyone on the planet, which is pretty essential, in fact.

Precise search

Use ISBN and SKU numbers as searching parameters to find particular items. This is a great way to find things if you already know what you want. This can save a plenty of time. 

Stop words

Another tool that assists customers in finding exactly what they want, even if their request does not match what is already available. Simply create a list of phrases to improve the precision of your search.

Auto Correction

Any incorrect requests would be disregarded if this plugin wasn’t installed. Meanwhile, the module corrects any erroneous keywords automatically, ensuring that clients get the best results possible.

autocorrection example

Sitelinks Search Box

The Sitelinks Search Box can help you find what you’re looking for. This tool allows you to find your firm directly from the Google search results page, resulting in a higher total conversion rate.

The full list of features

This plugin has amazing customization and versatility. Customers may locate products in milliseconds because of the foundation engine’s quickness. This is beneficial to you since it has a significant impact on client satisfaction and the number of sales. In terms of speed, the package presently comprises the following components:

  • The navigation is layered. This plugin is not sluggish and it doesn’t need a lot of resources like a usual Magento MySQL request. It improves performance and reduces server overload with the help of advanced layered navigation. 
  • Scaling. For big catalogs and high-traffic websites, a new technique is required. This add-on utilizes a cluster to distribute data over several servers, making it easier for your website to run.

Automated processes

The second benefit of auto-filling is that it allows users to save time by performing much faster searches. Customers are encouraged to select a variety of options that anticipate future purchasing during the development. When customers input a product name, the TypeAhead feature examines the most popular requests in the shop to help them choose the best option. A fast mode is available to Elasticsearch users. What are the benefits of having this ability?

  • The most popular queries. As a consequence, everyone can see what the overwhelming majority of people desire. Use the top search rankings to locate the best-known goods or special discounts.
  • A diverse set of resources is required. This search returns not just product names, but also extra information. Users, for example, may be able to locate the needed page fast.

Expanded possibilities for convenient search

On the web version of your shop, you may discover any stuff. That is, if it exists, you can look for it. Anyone who visits your website will find online purchasing far more convenient and pleasurable as a result of this. See the following list of potential content categories for more information:

  • There are also third-party plugins available. This module may also look for plugins in other systems and materials. By integrating Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources, you may get better outcomes.
  • You were the one who came up with this idea. Combine data sources that may be of use to your customers. As a result of the addition, this information appears in the search results.
  • Throughout the search process, all product attributes are taken into account.
  • Customers may see all of the matched categories.
  • Customers can use the extension to see the values of the features they’ve chosen.
  • Pages have been generated using the content management system. All of the application’s connected pages are also displayed.

Expanded functionality

settings screenshot

The Elasticsearch Magento 2 plugin allows you to do more than just search. You may also improve your store and get more money by making use of a few key features:

  • Reports. Data gathering and analysis are two of the most important aspects of a company’s success. Changes can be predicted, and solutions can be found via analysis to avoid problems. As a consequence, this plugin gives you the information you need, such as the most common search terms or the top search results. If you know how many searches and clicks you have, you can enhance your results by changing your parameters.
  • Redirecting. What distinguishes the goal from the journey itself? It would be terrible if consumers couldn’t get in touch with you. Every 404 error page is monitored and updated to guarantee that your potential clients never see the 404 error page. Instead of being sent to the incorrect website, all visitors are directed to the provided URL. Customers are more likely to remain and research your business if this page contains relevant stuff. This method saves not only time but also money. If you’re seeking a certain result, this add-on will direct users to the correct site.
  • The landing pages are distinct from the rest of the website. You may utilize your own unique information to create several pages in order to improve SEO. Controlling the flow of information and managing the product catalog are commonly required. For example, you might create sites that only show similar products for specific requests. A wonderful feature may be used in a variety of ways. Landing pages are advantageous and useful since they are simple to utilize. Use caution and double-check these websites to be sure they’re not the same.
  • It’s all set to go on the road. In today’s environment, compatibility is frequently a significant benefit. Smartphones and tablets are growing more popular than PCs. As a result, the functionality of the module is especially useful in mobile versions in many situations.


As you can see, the search feature has a significant impact on the overall efficiency and quality of your eCommerce business. The Elasticsearch Magento addition is a very logical and profitable investment. Give customers what they want: a long-term connection. This is a well-known and reliable underseller who can help you make more money.