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How long does it take for a page on your website to load? Do all pages load at the same rate? If you can’t answer these questions without hesitation, it implies you need to think about something. The reason for this is that it is critical that your website’s pages load quickly and without any delays. People don’t have time to wait since they have so much on their plates, and shopping isn’t always a top priority. This implies that consumers will always select the most appropriate variation in which everything functions properly. And if you have problems with one element of your business, it might be devastating to your whole earnings. So, what are your plans for dealing with it?

Relax and don’t waste time looking for information to answer – the module for today understands how to deal with such issues. Simply put your faith in it and see how your performance improves. This add-on is incredibly simple to use, and this page contains everything you need to know about it!

The simplest optimization you’ve ever had

Let’s look at what’s causing your website to take so long to load. After we’ve recognized the problem, we’ll know how to repair it. As a consequence, all of the most popular causes and treatments are considered good ideas. Two key ways to improving the efficiency of your website include JS and CSS file management, as well as picture optimization. However, we’d want to start by providing you with a clearer idea of what the module can do.

Start with images

compression example
  • Compression has been applied to all of the pictures. It’s also worth noting that photos take up more than half of the page’s surface space. Isn’t it amazing how much better things might be with lesser figures? Because Google utilizes the average speed of a 3G connection as a benchmark, you may save up to 20% on file size, which is very beneficial for mobile users. This module is significantly superior because it supports all of the most prevalent picture formats. While Google suggests that you use an image enhancement value of 85 percent, you are free to use whatever quantity best matches your purposes. It’s occasionally a good idea to increase the compression rate even further. Your decision, on the other hand, is entirely yours. You may easily convert pictures to WebP format using this plugin, which significantly reduces loading times.
  • It takes a long time for the photos to charge. The full-page will not be seen until all of the pictures on the page have loaded. It’s annoying to wait for photographs, especially if your internet connection is slow. You have a strong grasp of the solution. To postpone the loading of images, use the plugin. Don’t worry, they won’t end up on a meaningless website. Everything will be shown normally, with the exception of photos that will be substituted with unique placeholders. The pictures are loaded even more when the user interacts with the page.
  • WebP is a format that is supported. What is the most recent version of the WebP format? It’s a whole new format that maintains image quality while using less bandwidth. The images are nearly double the size of normal formats. This is really beneficial. As a result, wherever possible, WebP images should be used. Using the Google tool, all of the images on this page were automatically converted to WebP. The page speed score is not particularly high as a result of this conversion and comparison.
  • Preloading images is a fantastic idea. Given the large number of high-quality pictures that can affect page rendering on today’s websites, it’s apparent that we’ll have to deal with this as well. Background graphics, for example, may significantly slow down the loading process. This problem is solved by preloading pictures from devices rather than online storage or servers. This method isn’t new, and it works in the same way as the others.

Page speed booster for Magento deals with CSS and JS files

the example of bundling
  • A complex collection of JS files. Without add-ons, Magento JS files include a lot of code. This is one of the reasons why it does not give enough performance to consumers. If you use this module, you’ll simply need to load the necessary JS files. As a consequence, the overall weight is reduced by seven times, and the number of loaded files is reduced by three times. As a consequence, websites now load significantly faster. To reduce the number of HTTP requests performed while refreshing the website, make sure the Merge JavaScript functionality is enabled.
  • There are no fonts or videos available. A multitude of resources, such as embedded widgets or other external content, significantly slows down the loading process. If you don’t hesitate, this isn’t a guarantee that you’ll receive a good grade. Loading key parts are the simplest approach to load YouTube and Google fonts. As a result, while the loading time is decreased, the website’s functionality may be preserved. All background loading is handled by the Speed Optimizer.
  • Fonts and videos are two of the most important aspects of a website. Third-party objects, such as integrated devices or other goods, consume a lot of resources and slow down the loading process substantially. When you do not hesitate, it is not a guarantee that you will achieve a good qualification. The simplest approach is to load YouTube videos and Google Fonts in order to follow the main sections. As a result, while the loading time is decreased, the website’s functionality may be preserved. All background loadings are handled by the Speed Optimizer.
  • Minification. As you may be aware, one of the most prevalent causes of performance issues is the amount of additional code that a website loads. To minimize file size, the Speed Optimizer uses numerous sophisticated algorithms. The name for this process is minimization. This feature is simple to use: different JavaScript file types are added, and JavaScript files that aren’t needed are deleted. To reduce the size of CSS and HTML files, unnecessary content such as comments and symbols is eliminated. Pages now load much faster as a result of this. Separate file types for minification can also be enabled.
  • The priority is loading. This is the same circumstance as before. When a visitor clicks on a link on your site, CSS files that you don’t need are loaded. As a result, the page has come to a total halt. When you install our add-on to load specific files in the background after the page is shown, you may simply avoid such situations.
  • In order to prepare, download the most relevant files. Even if they are not necessary, major resources present in CSS and JavaScript files can be loaded. This is due to browsers’ inability to predict whether or not certain files are necessary. This will need a change in Magento’s page load speed. The loading order of the module can be modified to load the most critical files first. This implies that a page may be displayed in its entirety even if other files with a lower priority rate have not been loaded.

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monitoring tool

You’ve completed the initial installation of the PageSpeed Monitoring Tool. With the Magento 2 page speed test, you can see how well your optimization efforts are paying off. This allows you to go deeper into the situation and address difficulties without feeling rushed. Allow the plugin to gather the required information and deliver it to you as quickly as feasible. This function works nicely on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Command-Line Interface

This is a command-line interface that allows you to do things like If you can’t wait for the Cron to start, you’ll have to use the command line. You may utilize the control line to do tasks such as speed testing, image optimization, and photo recovery, among others. When time is of the essence, it might be quite useful.


Do you know how incredible it is that you can make Magento load faster by purchasing only one module? This means you won’t have to seek help, lose money, or waste time trying to locate the knowledge and procedures on your own. Mirasvit has created a one-of-a-kind extension that deserves to be among the best on the market. With the aid of a simple plugin, you can add color to your daily routine and avoid a variety of difficulties. Even if another seller’s shop is larger, for example, no one who uses your site will ever pick him or her. And the reason for this is that your shop runs smoothly and provides customers with a fast page load time. Don’t overthink it; simply try it out on your own!