Advanced Sorting

What do you want to see when you walk into a store? You want to see a neat, bright, and clean room with attractive showcases and excellent goods. It’s important for everything to be in the right place to make customers feel good and comfortable. It goes the same for online shops. Even though there are no rooms like in the real world, there are still a lot of goods that need to be organized well so that anyone can find what he or she wants. This has a direct influence on your sales because the way how fast and effortlessly customers can find goods defines how many goods you can sell. If your catalog is organized badly and items are not sorted well enough, your clients won’t be able to find the necessary products, which causes sales to decrease. This is not the result you want to see when you are starting an eCommerce project. So what is the solution for such a situation?

We offer you to try the extension from one of the best companies on the internet that designs modules for Magento 2 — Mirasvit. This module helps you sort all the goods in your catalog properly, providing users with the most enjoyable and comfortable conditions for browsing and purchasing. If you are interested in such a solution, let’s get to know a little more about this plugin

Taking your website to the top

your website

The search procedure is guided by the ranking factor. This tool allows you to use any attribute as a factor in improving search results and overall company success. Any argument can be made a global parameter, which means it takes precedence over all others. You have the option of selecting from the following features:

  • Date. Unlike default functionality, this module allows you to categorize items based on their exact time of entry and updates, making it simple to grade old to new products. Customers may use this approach to stay up to date on new arrivals and manage their data.
  • Attribute. For your selected items, you can utilize one or more criteria, such as time constraints or anything genuinely unusual. The Admin Panel has the features.
  • Image. If pictures are missing, products should be pushed to the bottom of the search results page. Before making a purchase, customers should be able to view how products appear. As a consequence, placing the most beautiful, vibrant, and full pages at the top is a smart idea.
  • Best-sellers. You can also sort products by how many times they’ve been bought in a given time period. You may either advertise best-sellers or try to increase sales of goods that aren’t as popular.
  • Profit. Promote the most marginalized goods to earn revenue.
  • Rule. Because this component comprises hundreds of qualities or combinations, the number of possible instances is infinite.
  • An assessment of the product. We’d rather trust the opinions of other customers on such matters because we can’t examine a large amount of reading material or several versions of this item. As a consequence, we choose the product with the greatest ratings, and we highlight higher-quality goods.
  • Are there items right now. This is, without a question, one of the most crucial components of the grade. You can also sort the products by stock status or availability. Consumers won’t be able to buy it and won’t be ready to wait for a new shipment, thus filtering out of stock and placing it at the bottom of the page is a fantastic idea. Put recent events on the top tab if you want visitors to be aware of them.
  • The amount of money made from the view. To determine how engaged your potential consumers are, compare the number of times you’ve purchased a product to the number of times you’ve visited. At first look, certain things appear to be impossible. Meanwhile, certain goods, such as those that sell for a low price, are attracting a lot of attention.
  • Popularity. This factor is linked to the conversion rate because it is determined by the product rating. The goal, on the other hand, is to increase sales or motivate fans.
  • Discounts. Put items with special pricing at the top of the list for the best results.

Working peculiarities of the module

sorting comparison

Let’s start with some non-essential features before moving on to the module’s goal. As a result, there are a number of useful supplementary features that enhance your experience.

Unlimited range of possibilities

On search result pages, the plugin offers sorting options. By adding new search criteria to the search page, you may broaden the variety of basic Magento sorting choices. You may also change the default sorting option on the search screen. As a result, your items will be exposed to the strongest light possible at all times, increasing your conversion rate.


The appearance of the components may be changed in several widgets. Simply select the relevant criterion from the drop-down menu to do so. It’s possible that each widget will have its own sorting mechanism. To apply several criteria to the same widgets, use Store Views.

Stay tuned

Before applying any sorting criteria, inspect the grouping of objects to ensure that it appears as it should. This may be used to learn more about a certain score. To discover the correct things without having to read through the product list, filter the grid depending on product characteristics.

Simple debugging

fixing tool example

Debugging is the process of identifying and fixing a problem. Allow this mode to be enabled in order to determine the source of the issues. Verify that the projected score is correct. The data is organized into a grid format. You may also seek a certain product in a specific region.

Make the search as simple as it’s possible

This module allows you to organize your data in a number of different ways. You establish your own rules and criteria to fit your company’s demands. You may include the rating components in the criterion to make it easy and quick. The module will provide you with a grade depending on its efficacy. You may check how your products seem to potential customers using the preview option.

Get more scores

To get the score using the add-on, you can try the following methods: 1. Only one variable is used at a time. When the series goes from point A to point B, the technique is linear. A sub-condition is the second type of condition. The module calculates all of the components in this scenario.

Offering the best

Choose the best items to be presented by default to customers whenever they do a search. This is a fantastic way to boost your store’s conversion rate and make it more appealing to all types of customers.


Start with the most important and work your way down when creating a sorting criterion with multiple components. At times, the arrangement of such variables might be rather complicated. Up and down are the two techniques for arranging. Customers will have more choices, making it easier for them to select the most current products.

Choose the best seller — get benefits

A 30-day money-back guarantee, free 90-day support, and free lifetime upgrades are just a few of the attractive features. When you consider the pricing, the plugin is an excellent value for money. This is because employing a person is still more expensive than acquiring a dedicated extension. The only issue is finding a plugin that is both helpful and affordable. Mirasvit, for example, has a product like this. Additionally, the official website includes a wealth of manuals and instructions to ensure that you are never left in the dark once the support period has expired.


Any visitor to your website is there for a reason. And the aim is to purchase items. Even if they haven’t made up their minds, they’ve come to buy something. In other words, they either know or are waiting to find out what it takes. Clients may simply turn around and go somewhere else where they might discover something fascinating if navigation is not clear, straightforward, easy to use, accurate, and pleasant. So it’s up to you to keep it from happening! As a result, you’ll require a tiny plugin for Improved Sorting for Magento 2. Simply unwind and let the add-on handle the heavy lifting. You’re already looking forward to a quick setup, ease of use, low costs, and a slew of other benefits!