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Shops have always been popular in the world since pretty old times. People go shopping to buy everything they need from meals and clothing to weapons and medicine. When you come to a shop, the seller helps you choose and purchase what you need. This is a simple procedure that requires no extra effort. Today, when stores are bigger, we need more employees, more time, and skills. Talking about online shopping, it’s even a lot more complicated because it deals with people from different countries around the globe. Sellers receive thousands of orders, and it’s necessary to process all of them carefully to make sure the customer will get products in time and without issues. The bigger your store is — the more complicated it’s to do. With the help of special features, you can automate some processes, but the default Magento is not enough to facilitate everything. So, you may face a lot of problems with orders.

To prevent such situations, you can use a special extension for improved order management. This software provides you with outstanding possibilities to organize, process, and customize orders. With the help of such capabilities, you can easily improve your business. Do you want to learn more?

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  • It’s easy to use. Order tags make it easy to find what you’re looking for. Tags may be used to filter orders, making it easier to locate what you’re looking for. The order’s major elements are easily identified thanks to the color-coding of the tag labels. Fill the order row in the grid with different colors to draw attention to the orders that need it the most. The color code tag setting is completely under your control. You can provide conditions for the automated order tag in addition to applying tags to any number of orders. You may also manually specify order tags if you choose. Tags may be used in a variety of ways to customize orders. To emphasize the most significant order tag, give it a priority level. 
  • Simple to use. You may save time when analyzing orders by using the Quick View option to get additional information quickly. To open a side-sliding window containing all of the order’s details, click on the order number in the orders list. If you want to look at information about another order, close this side-sliding window; if you want to make changes to an order in Magento, open it. 
  • The items are being changed. To make things go faster and simplify a huge number of duties, use options like choosing the total number of ordered products, supplying taxes, adding/removing goods, altering the price, and defining discounts. 
  • Customizing account and order information You may edit order tracking information using the add-on. The status, number, and date of an order can all be modified.
  • Questions concerning payment and delivery. If your payment or delivery method changes while you’re using our app, don’t be alarmed. It’s simple to change: You may quickly change payment, shipping, and handling details, unlike the default Magento.
  • Numbers that are one-of-a-kind. Identification numbers make finding the appropriate order simple. However, they look sloppy. To match transaction numbers to your company’s requirements, you may utilize bespoke prefixes and suffixes, which is quite handy. Combine parameters such as shop ID, order counter, random number, current time, and date to produce the optimal representation format for your store. For each document type, copy or update the order identifying numbers pattern for invoices, shipments, and credit notes. If you’re switching platforms, order counters can be utilized to input data from your old shop numbering into your new shop numbering. Before making a change, preview and compare how a new numbering system will appear on any form of the chosen payment document. The multi-store view is supported by the module. Each store in your Magento installation could have its own unique ID.

The basic capacity is rigid enough to prevent the implementation of an efficient order management system. You won’t be able to update the majority of order information, for example, so if there’s an issue, you’ll have to submit new orders. This is inconvenient and it requires an enormous amount of time. It also increases the chances of making more mistakes in the future. Furthermore, without the plugin, you won’t be able to view all of the important data in the grid, requiring managers to look at each order separately, which will cause them to be distracted from their tasks.

All of these small concerns are addressed by the plugin, allowing you to improve the efficiency of your store. You can adjust the grid and order as needed to meet your company’s needs. It’s simple to update order details, add additional items, and apply various discounts without having to cancel the current order and start again. This is the most effective method for accelerating procedures and providing the best user experience for you and your customers. Before committing to your changes, you may use the preview tool to see how they will look.

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Extend Magento 2’s limited quick view capabilities to display all important order data on a single screen. Thanks to our module, you’ll be able to see important information about products, payment, and delivery on your site’s orders list page: 

  • Items. Data regarding objects can be seen in whatever order you like. Here’s an example of what you could come across: Alternatives to each item’s available options; product thumbnails; product number; kind; the quantity and price of an item once it has been ordered.
  • Billing. One of the nicest features is that you don’t have to open orders to view invoicing data. All of the necessary information is contained in the order grid: Invoice number; billing address; phone number.
  • Shipping. You may also use the plugin to add other shipping-related columns. You can view the following using this feature: The shipping address, phone number, and shipping number are all essential.

Mirasvit Advantages

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By choosing this company, you also choose the best conditions because the extension is rather cheap. The price is not the only reason, of course. For the money you pay, you free support for 90 days after purchase, lifetime updates, and a lot of instructions. Plus, Mirasvit never asks you to pay for updates. Thus, the module is a great investment for your business. You will make more money, which allows you to recoup very fast.


Q: What are the main functions of the add-on? 

A: Order management may be difficult, but with the aid of a Magento extension, it can be made easier in certain ways. The module enhances the functionality of the order view grid, making it simpler for shop personnel to keep track of orders by giving tools to manage orders effectively in a variety of ways: 

  • This grid may now display more crucial information regarding orders, such as ordered products, payment, and shipment, thanks to the plugin. Keeping track of Magento order statuses is straightforward. 
  • You can get the entire order data with a single mouse click while staying on the same page if you pick the Order Quick View option. The data is shown in a side-sliding window. You may rapidly obtain information and return to work without having to visit the purchase page to read it, thus decreasing the amount of clutter on your browser. 
  • Finding orders with the proper attributes is simple using the Orders Tags function. You can easily find the orders you need by filtering them with tags. Orders can be tagged according to their criteria.


The Magento Order Management plugin is not only a way to organize your work but also a way to get more money, as you can see. Now, you know how you can simplify your routine and make your eCommerce company more efficient. Taking care of orders the way you should do it is an integral part of a successful business. You won’t probably reach your goals without paying enough attention to all aspects of your business. Especially such an essential one. Thus, installing extensions like these is not a life hack or a cheat code to feel free — it’s a necessary investment for your future. Don’t think twice and install this amazing plugin right now!