Product kits

Not all people know exactly what they want or need when they come to a store. Even if they are looking for a particular item, it doesn’t mean that this item is the only thing they really need. In other words, there is always something you can buy additionally to your main order. This is how cross-selling actually works. Since any online shop’s main aim is to sell goods and earn as much money as possible, your task is to ensure the proper conditions to achieve such goals. With the default Magento configuration, it’s impossible to set nice bundles that will be a good complement to any purchase. Meanwhile, bundles are the best way to make people buy more, which causes the overall revenue to increase. Besides, customers love when they can discover something new and interesting while they browse your catalog. Thus, it’s a win-win situation — you get more while clients enjoy shopping on your website. The problem is that you can set such a cross-selling strategy without the necessary software.

And we are talking about today’s module that allows you to create special product kits and makes it convenient for buyers to view all the related goods. This is much easier than you think! Just install the add-on and get ready to see how your sales grow. If you don’t believe us yet, let’s take a look at the features more closely.

Configure it easily as you need

Smart Kits

smart algorithms

Of course, you can manually include specific items in bundles, but what about automatic bundling? This plugin can do everything automatically, according to the settings you choose. This is a very handy and time-saving feature, which is quite important in business because time equals money here.

No limits

It doesn’t matter how many goods or what goods exactly you want to add into one single product kit because there are no limits for goods included. Moreover, one item can be added into numerous kits simultaneously. Such flexibility allows you to create amazing, suitable bundles for any type of customer.

Suggested Kits

Another unbelievable feature is the smart algorithm that analyzes your order history to suggest the best combinations of products. Use this option to predict what customers will like more and create such a kit. You don’t need to do anything about it! Specify the number of goods, order numbers, and how much the kit costs to create a kit. Here it is! After pressing the button, you will be able to either choose the best-suggested variant or alter parameters to achieve even better results. 

Here is what you get here:

  • With a single click, you may get dozens of product kit proposals.
  • Adapting the suggested goods for kits with selection criteria in a flexible manner
  • Creating product packages based on the sales history of your shop.

Personalization Opportunities

Customers can also take a part in kits creation:

  • These smart kits offer clients to choose items that suit their conditions better. This increases the chances of buying something and it also increases the engagement rate of buyers so that they will enjoy the process. 
  • Kits are not obligatory sold as one item. People can choose what items to buy because they don’t probably need everything at the moment. This also increases the chances that people will buy additional items.

Five Discount Types

discount rule
  • Make it clear and easy to comprehend. This option lowers the price of the goods. Your clients will be able to see how much money they are saving right away.
  • Covering more goods in a more effective manner. If you’re going to discount items with widely disparate costs, the fixed price discount may wind up underestimating certain prices while overestimating others. A percentage discount deducts money according to the price of the goods, distributing the incentives more equally.
  • Create various discounts for various jobs. This is a higher-level option. The discount is connected to the customer’s kit’s product order. Let’s suppose you have goods A, B, and C in your kit. They can all be the kit’s main items, and they’re all optional. The first 10% discount, the second 15% discount, and the third 30% discount are all available. If the kit’s combination is AB, and A is the customer’s main product, product A will receive a 10% discount, while product B will receive a 15% discount. Product C will receive a 10% discount, product A will receive a 15% discount, and product B will receive a 30% discount if the kit’s combination is CAB and C is the primary for the client.
  • Cross-selling should be encouraged. The kit-relative percentage is determined by the number of goods included in the kit. This is especially handy if your package contains three or more goods, some of which are optional. Assume you have a kit including items A, B, and C. They can all be major goods, and they’re all optional. The first 10% discount, the second 15% discount, and the third 30% discount are all available. If the kit’s combination is ABC, all of the products will receive a 30% discount, regardless of which is the customer’s principal product. If the kit’s combination is AB, both products will receive a 15% discount, regardless of which is the customer’s principal product.
  • Everything may be customized. You can apply a different discount type to each product in the kit using this sort of discount. You’ll be able to establish the rules precisely as you want them that way. Assume you have a kit including items A, B, and C. They can all be major goods, and they’re all optional. The discount for Product A is $20 USD. The discount on Product B is a kit-relative 5%. The discount for Product C is 10% related. The discount for Product A will always be $20 USD. Product C will receive a discount of 20%, 5%, or 10%, depending on its location in the customer’s kit. Depending on the number of goods in the bundle, the discount for Product B will be either 5% or 10%.

Discount Enhancements

  • The more attractive the price is — the more chances that people will buy this item. This is a rule. It may happen that the price of a bundle doesn’t look appealing to people. Just round it to make it look better so that people will like it more! For example, 98,83 looks messy but you can round this price to 99.99, which looks way better and attracts clients more.
  • When people see real benefits and the exact discount value, it makes them want a product kit more. So let them know how lucrative it is to buy several things at once!
  • You can also add a gift to a bundle to make customers even more interested in such a good offer. A 100% discount is a great way to catch attention.



Q: What is the real purpose of this module and why do I need it?

A: This plugin is made to increase order values by stimulating and encouraging people. Usually, products in bundles become cheaper, compared to products bought separately, which causes people to buy more. Product kits use your catalog and the goods listed there.

Q: Can price rules or special coupons or promo codes be used?

A: For carts that include product kits, the Product Kits module does not apply any price restrictions or discounts. Nonetheless, this module allows you to apply a custom label to emphasize goods in a product bundle, which may be useful for discounted product bundles shown on the cart page. The discount can be specified as a fixed sum, percentage, or relative percentage just for the product bundle.

Q: Is it possible to include a product in a product kit as a free gift?

A: A Magento 2 store may use this module to offer consumers a bundled product as a free gift and graphically alert them of such possibilities. The add-on allows you to show a discount text, such as ‘Free Gift,’ and have it override the item’s price with a value of $0.0.


This article reveals how the add-on works, shows you examples of product press kits, and provides you with a more comprehensive picture of cross-selling. As you can see, bundles can increase your sales multiple times because it’s a very powerful motivation when you see nice discounts, interesting suggestions, and so on. If you are looking for a solution that will help you become more popular and successful, then take a try and install this plugin — you will like it!