Sphinx Search Ultimate

Aren’t you hoping to make your firm lucrative and well-known? To do so, imagine yourself as a customer: what would you like to see on the website? Among hundreds of different factors, there is one that is critical for online stores: search. You should give clients the most pleasant and powerful search feature possible, regardless of how large your inventory is. This is critical since customers come to your business to purchase items from your catalog. Some already know what they want, while others are still on the lookout for such items. But what if they couldn’t search at all, or if it was complicated? This would be disappointing for them, which is undesirable. Customers will abandon you in instances like these and go to a store with superior conditions, where everything is well-organized and simple to use. We assume you do not want this to occur in your store.

This is why we recommend that you have a look at Mirasvit’s Sphinx Search Ultimate module. This plugin will take your search function to the next level, resulting in a significant boost in sales and a significant increase in user popularity. Let’s find out more.

Description of the module

We want to familiarize you with the plugin, therefore we’ve chosen to start with an overview, outlining the most significant features and information. Sphinx Search is made up of four modules that come pre-installed. Everything improves, from the user interface to the algorithms. The search results are more detailed, and customers have tweaked their search engines to help them locate products that aren’t accessible on Magento. It also makes it easier for users to type, browse, and propose, allowing them to spend less time on your site while still having a good time. The entire search procedure is greatly simplified by automation.

If you wish to understand more about certain data, you may study specific reports created by this add-on. This will assist you in identifying your requirements and resolving any issues that may arise.

Why do we believe it’s one of the most widely used plugins? It enables you to optimize your search effort quickly and effectively. Because of its amazing search speed and indexing discoveries — more than 500 queries per second with thousands of items in the catalog — the Sphinx Engine sets the module apart from rivals. Furthermore, the engine runs flawlessly on all platforms. One technology might not be able to comprehend how so many diverse factors come together to produce such remarkable outcomes.

This module also has a plethora of search tools and limitless search options. We’ve divided it into parts to help you become more comfortable with specific abilities and learn more.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Morphologic data preprocessors. Depending on the word type you select, specific algorithms assess the importance of your request and translate it correctly. The search method is sped up and the accuracy of the results is increased. “Apple” and “one apple,” for example, are traditional forms of “apple.” As a consequence, the search results for both searches are identical. The Sphinx engine is the default in Russian, Czech, and English. A free module may be installed to increase the number of languages supported.

Long-tail searches

This plugin allows you to search for hyphens, bits, and other unusual characters based on your preferences. It may be used in any store since it allows you to search for an item even if you only know a portion of the SKU. Customers will be unable to discover the item if the model number is wrong. Magento, as you may know, is unable to do these complicated operations by default.

Lists of special words

You don’t need to know an object’s name to detect it because the module discovers synonyms and provides alternatives. With over 60,000 items, the integrated dictionary is extensive. As with any AI, this ensures that the work is completed appropriately. Stop words are permitted, with the exception of synonyms. This tool improves the precision of search results by specifying criteria. Prepositions and articles, for example, are not searchable and may be easily deleted. There are 655 stop words in the pre-made list.

No misspelling allowed

We never know how to spell a product correctly since we are seeking a solution to a problem. Sphinx Search, on the other hand, isn’t! This module corrects mistakes in any language.


In many cases, providing customers with search results for a piece of one phrase may be extremely useful if the whole sentence hasn’t worked. Instead of seeing a blank page, buyers are told that no goods matching their request have been discovered, but here are some alternatives based on a portion of the word. If your clients have not met their objectives, they will stick around and scrutinize your firm.

Put important information on the top

It is clear how important it is to pay attention to the smallest details. Despite the fact that the interpretation of the characters appears to be obvious, traditional search engines do not provide such a clear and conclusive result. The add-on highlights items that are in stock and puts those that aren’t at the bottom of the list. This provides your catalog with a professional, up-to-date look.

Search everywhere

a search range example

You may narrow your search by utilizing the qualities of your product. To expand your search options, add product quality to the list of possible parameters. Allow clients to search for goods based on size, color, or other criteria. The SKU, name of the category, content and chosen selections of the connected product are all used in the search.

The most effective method of locating what you’re searching for is to search for the product name. Extra filter categories, characteristics, CMS pages, knowledge base, Blog MX, WordPress blogs, and other features are used by this plug-in. To put it another way, it works with any sort of material.

Validating tool

This add-on includes a tool for analyzing and validating search results. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your search as well as any other search options you might have, such as auto-completion speed. You’ll always be able to tell if this tool will help you solve problems.


an example of landing

Without the capacity to create landing pages, a powerful search optimization tool would be useless. These elements are designed to assist you in managing and ensuring that customers get what they want. You may create your own custom page for each request. As a result, instead of being directed to a normal page with some results, visitors are directed to a personalized website.

The size of your company doesn’t matter

You have three options: you may use your store’s MySQL capabilities, install on a separate server, or install on the same Magento server as your store, depending on your needs. With these characteristics, the plugin may help any business, which is great since it means you can utilize it at any point throughout your journey.

Feel free to search in your language

You’ll also be relieved to find that language support requires no additional software. Spell corrections are compatible with all languages since specialist dictionaries are not required. Allow the add-on to examine your data in order to offer the most precise rectification results to users.

Comprehensive reports

Comprehensive reports

Reporting should not be overlooked by the extension. What exactly are you going to learn here? The most popular sentences, the overall number of keywords, and interactions are divided into two groups in the reports.

To make the most of your business, keep track of your present configuration of all important search information and productivity. When you’re ready, sort and export the data from the reports by date and time.

Extremely useful and time-saving auto-completion tool

Consider how useful it is to have smart suggestions on a menu. All you have to do with the Ultimate Sphinx Search add-on is type a few characters for clever algorithms to figure out what you want to do. In terms of the front end, the module provides the following to its users:

  • Define a product category.
  • Support for AJAX technology for quicker loading
  • Responsive themes
  • The possibility to add price and image straight into the search box.

You can also change the following parameters:

  • The minimum number of characters necessary for a search
  • The amount of time it takes for the results to appear.
  • The outcomes for a specific sort of material


If you want to advance and grow your business, Mirasvit Sphinx Search Ultimate for Magento 2 is an excellent alternative. Providing customers with a high-quality, well-designed search function ensures that you will receive more good comments and, as a consequence, more money. Remember that happy customers are the key to success. If this is what you really desire, don’t hesitate to download and install this plugin right now.